Johns Manville's accessory offerings include a variety of adhesives, finishing cements and coatings which are specifically designed to complement JM's insulation materials.

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Silicate based glue for porous insulating materials.

CalBond? Gold is a modified, silicate-based glue for thermal insulations. It sets quickly to provide a high-temperature bond for porous insulating materials. CalBond Gold is completely asbestos-free.?

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Calcium silicate based finish that protects against corosion under insulation.

CalCoat-127? is a proprietary blend of hydraulic cement, calcium silicate and inorganic mineral fibers that provides a smooth finish over high-temperature insulation. It offers protection from corrosion under insulation, and no wire mesh is required. It can also be used as a general-purpose insulating cement, as it is easy to trowel and resists wetting after initial application. One bag will cover a minimum of 30 sq. ft. at 1" (2.8 square meters at 25 mm) thick. CalCoat-127 can be painted with water/oil-based paints.?

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Protective coating for insulated tanks and process equipment.

Insulkote? ET is a high-quality protective coating made from selected and processed bitumens, non-asbestos fibers and mineral fillers. This formulation was chosen after careful development and testing to give maximum protection at the lowest applied cost to insulated tanks and process equipment.?

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High-temp silicate based glue.

Super Calstik? is a modified, silicate-based glue and can be used for bonding and sealing joints in Super Firetemp? high-temperature insulation. It is used in walls, structural steel, cable trays and other fire-rated applications. It sets quickly to provide a high-temperature bond for porous insulating materials and is completely asbestos-free.

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