Industrial Insulation

Johns Manville is the leading manufacturer of thermal insulation solutions for high and low-temperature industrial applications. We offer the broadest range of insulation solutions engineered for the most demanding industrial applications. Each of our solutions provides unique features and benefits to ensure you have consistent performance that meets your specifications and
design criteria.

Industrial Insulation
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Calcium Silicate
High-temp insulation, with exceptional corrosion protection, compressive... more
High-quality particulate aerogel thermal insulation for energy-efficient... more
Hydrophobic Blanket
Thin, flexible, blanket insulation for high-temp applications where space is limited.
Industrial Mineral Wool
Lightweight, high-temp, pipe & board insulation available in mandrel wound... more
Hydrophobic insulation, with a corrosion inhibitor and high compressive strength.
Adhesives, finishing cements and coatings designed for all industrial insulation... more
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Power Generation
Power generation plants: electricity, gas-fired, coal, nuclear.
Oil refineries: sulphur, gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil, coke, asphalt
Petrochemical processing plants: fertilizer, plastics, methanol, ethylene, oil... more

Light industrial, package boilers, universities, and hospitals.

Fire Protection
Non-combustible, fire protection board capable of withstanding temperatures in... more